Removal of fluoride in water

We can supply and install filters for the removal of fluoride in water.

These filters are whole house back washing filters that incorporate “Bone Char” as the active ingredient.

Fluoride is in widespread use in communities across the country and has been declared unhealthy to benefit the aluminum and dental industries. In 1936, the American Dental stated that 1ppm of fluoride can be as negative as lead and arsenic. In 1944 they stated that 1.2ppm can cause developmental problem. There are a few types of fluoride that appear in our water but the most common are sodium silicofluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid. These are byproducts of steel, cement, aluminum and nuclear weapons processing. There are no health benefits to either but plenty of evidence that they are harmful.

Bone char is a High Calcium Bone Char made of charred animal bone. Bovine (cows) bones are taken from cold storage, thoroughly cleaned and put in sun and rain for at least 90 days and totally dried. It is then carbonized at 1472 degrees F in controlled conditions. The result is Kosher Certified, 100% organic bone char made of 80% phosphate of calcium, 10% carbon and 10% calcium carbonate. It lasts a long time, has no toxicity and leaves behind beneficial minerals. There is no pH effect and it can remove chlorine, heavy metals and radioactive isotypes on top of fluoride. Bone char is considered a more effective contaminate remover than coconut because it is hundreds of times more porous and contains calcium which attracts the fluoride.

Fluoride removal requires greater contact time for its removal, then chlorine, as it is considered a dissolved solid. The calcium content in the bone is what removes fluoride. Calcium attracts the fluoride whether its calcium or sodium based.

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